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This session examines how the polices and roles of the federal agencies are changing across a wide spectrum of issues such as enforcement, agency size, the extent of federal authority over wetlands and waters, and climate change.The experts will also discuss how the regulated community, the state and advocacy groups are responding to such changes including the potential for citizen enforcement. TAKING LAND AND WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT TO THE “NEXT LEVEL” To achieve Florida’s long term resource management goals, land managers must use innovation to increase efficiencies and improve productivity to ultimately enhance resource value. LAKE OKEECHOBEE AND THE ESTUARIES: A WATER MANAGEMENT BALANCING ACT In its second year being offered, this panel is presenting on the very critical issues affecting Lake Okeechobee and the Northern Estuaries.These and other federal issues will be discussed by our well-informed panel. This timely and informative course was requested by DEP to provide for an advanced discussion of how new data and tools are being applied to meet or exceed resource management objectives. This year, the 2017 Legislature is considering various options to solve and address water storage issues affecting Lake Okeechobee and the Northern Everglades and Estuaries, including Senate committee meetings on this very critical and controversial issue.This 2-part course of advanced discussion will focus on the latest issues facing the management of Lake Okeechobee and the estuaries and their effect on water supply, water resources, and environmental restoration throughout South Florida.This course, again updated for 2016, is designed to help you navigate the steps you can and should take both to plan for and to defend your permit from such challenges.

Additionally, you will receive the latest instruction on any changes to the rules and statutes affecting the engineer, as well as any guidance resulting from individual disciplinary and unlicensed practice cases.Come prepared with questions for this expert panel! COMPREHENSIVE WATERSHED EVALUATION, PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT In-depth examination of continued agency emphasis on watershed management as a means of comprehensively integrating a variety of planning and regulatory programs currently implemented by DEP and water management districts; these include TMDLs, stormwater construction, NPDES, PLRGs, and both structural and non-structural floodplain planning and management; practical considerations; organizing stakeholders; discussion of need for statutory changes as well as changes to current agency practices. Preparation, organization, as well as an understanding of both the regulation and the processes, can go a long way to facilitating a smoother and certainly more positive outcome.In addition to being technically prepared, knowing the agency representatives, their role in the organization, and their scope of authority can be as critical as having a thorough understanding of the applicability of the various rules and regulations.We may all be living in a “post-truth” culture, but are we headed into a similar era of environmental policy-setting based on appeals to emotion?This panel of public sector, private sector, and environmental advocates will address these and other issues as they analyze the key environmental legislation that passed, the bills that didn’t, and what it all means for the future.

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