Non intimidating colors

Rainbow® Juggling Scarf Options Rainbow® Juggling Scarves are available in a pack or sets.We like to use the holiday season as a chance to experiment with our makeup.Finish with a subtle mascara like Dolce&Gabbana Passioneyes Duo Mascara Curl and Volume (, that keeps the lashes looking natural, but adds just enough length. The Three-Step Look: The Navy Blend Build off of the cobalt cat eye by blending in black shadow for a navy finish.This takes the eye from cute to sultry — with a few added steps.When the eye is opened, a shadow of blue surrounds the entire eye.

Rainbow® Colors Thanks to Rainbow® colors, students will have no trouble tracking their scarves as they fly through the air.

It’s hard to miss vibrant red or green colors as they’re floating loftily in front of you!

Plus, with different color options, students will be able to anticipate what’s next in their juggling cycle.

While we love our black liner and beige and taupe shadows for day-to-day, a holiday party calls for color, sparkle, sequins…without looking like beauty pageant contestants, of course.

Finding the right balance between bold and classic is key.

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