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My mom was the first Sri Lankan woman he met here, and when they dated he took her to Yankee games.For us, there is no question between Mets or Yankees.Rohini Mohan has produced an astonishing feat of reportage.”—Charles Mahtesian, NPR (“2014’s Great Reads”) “In large part a chronicle of war and its aftermath, Mohan’s impressive study is also a Kafkaesque story of survival in a society riven by ethnic tensions and mutual distrust.” —Lucy Popescu, Times Literary Supplement “Extraordinary rendering of the brutal denouement of the war between the Sri Lankan state and the Tamil rebels …The effect of these three interwoven narratives is haunting, and The Seasons of Trouble is a work of daring empathy.Sometimes strangers say, ‘You must be from India.’ I tell them I’m not, and then, over and over, I get the question ‘What—where is Sri Lanka?

Last August, she packed them in a twenty-foot shipping container and sent them on a voyage to America.

Not long ago, as she gave a tour of the museum to a wanderer of Staten Island, she wore her school uniform: light-brown shoes, blue pleated skirt, gray hoodie with “Notre Dame” on it, and a black button-up sweater with “Wijesinghe” in white script on the left pocket.

“I was going to put my first name, but there are a lot of Julias in my school, so I used my last name instead,” she said.

They started a Sri Lankan restaurant called Lakruwana (which is also her father’s first name), on Forty-fourth Street, in Manhattan, and moved it to Bay Street, on Staten Island, thirteen years ago.

It seats forty, received a good review in the in 2013, and sometimes has a line waiting in front.

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